Various Tools Used For Wood Working

Various Tools Used In Woodworking Projects

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Woodworking is a strenuous job, simply because it involves many different and varied activities to process the wood, including cutting, drilling, sanding, painting and assembling. Using the proper tools correctly is therefore very important as this will not only reduce the labor required and make the job much easier, but using the right tools will also enable you to really allow your creativity to shine as you will be able to do so many more stunning things.


Various Tools Used For Wood Working

Basic wood working hand tools are everyday tools that can also be used for other DIY projects or general maintenance, and include things like hammers, saws, screwdrivers, wood planes, etc. Some hand tools can also be power tools, such as electric drills and sanders. Besides wood working hand tools, there is a wide range of wood working machinery available that will make building your projects easier and more effective.


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The difference between wood working tools and wood working machines is that wood working tools tend to be much simpler, smaller, and cheaper. As they are so small, they are generally portable and can be operated by holding them in your hands. Hence the name hand tools. They can be used for a wide range of basic wood working operations jobs such as to cut, drill, sand and fit different pieces of wood together in order to create any type of woodwork piece. Wood working machines are however large and therefore usually cost a lot more. Although they are also used for processing wood and creating artistic wooden objects, the projects that can be done with them are much bigger and in much larger volumes.

There are several hand wood working tools that are commonly used nowadays, of which the most common is a saw. There are many different types of saws like dovetail saws, Japanese saws, Tenon saws, cross cut saws, chain saws, bow saws, fret saws, jig saws etc. These are all used for cutting wood. Before cutting wood however, it needs to be measured and marked with wood working tools such as measuring tools and markers.


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Tools such as rulers, squares, measuring tapes, etc. are needed for measuring, while wood working tools such as knives, pencils, awls and marking gauges play a critical roles in marking where the wood should be cut or drilled before actually doing the required processing. Measuring and marking are crucial skills when embarking on any type of woodworking project.

This is often where the real skill of a wood worker comes into play, especially if plans are used to build the piece.

The third type of wood working tools commonly used are hammers. Hammers are used to drive in nails to fix various pieces of wood together to create the work working piece. Apart from using nails, screws are also often used to attach the different components of the work piece to each other. Different types of screwdrivers, either manual or electric are used to drive in screws. Before using screws, holes first need to be drilled in the wood. Drills are used for this purpose. Once again, drills can be hand operated or electric.

The next important category of wood working tools include things like scrappers, chisels, routers and carving tools. These type of tools are used for a number of small activities used in wood working, such as shaping wood into a myriad of different designs.

Finishing off the wood work pieces is also an extremely important part of wood working. There are a number of wood working tools used for this purpose. Wood planes are used for making wooden surfaces regular, as well as for smoothening it. Scrapers and polishers such as sandpapers, steel wool and other abrasives are used to turn the surface of your wood piece into a smooth, unblemished masterpiece.

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